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JW 2011 Single Stack grip (aka handle, lower or lower receiver).  STI 2011 pattern.  Comes complete with:
            - special ergonomic mainspring housing,
            - mag release,
            -  trigger,
            - grip to frame bushes and hex screws
            - trigger guard to frame bush and screw
    (above items available seperately)

JW 2011 Frame 6" dust cover unique design.

JW Slide 1911/2011, blank and uncut for 9mm/38 super (note, it is native 38 super).

JW Grip plates for 1911 and the JW2011 handle - custom made to suit the shooter, including with the patent pending finger ribs.

JW Mainspring housing for 1911/2011 with ergonomic palm curve.

JW Grip Safety for 1911/2011 with high beaver tail and adjustable height palm pad.

JW Bush/screw sets for 2011.

JW Pin kits for 1911/2011



Tripp Research Cobra Mags (aka CobraMag) 9mm and 38 Super.  Some spare parts available.

DoubleTap Sports 1911/2011 Thumb Safety Ambidextrous with Shield (aka Ambi Safety).

Cylinder and Slide Triggers.

Cylinder and Slide Sear and Hammer kits.

Aristocrat auto rear triset sights.

Briley barrel bushings and rings.